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bry berry
looking for stan h
14 September 2013 - hollywood fl

Tracy Relf
My father served in '65-'66 Sgt. Eugene Pennington 1st squadron 9th Cavalry. I found an article from '66 by Black about my father. He never talked about the war and I want to find out more. He passed away May 11, 2001. Is there any more written about him and how can I find it?
10 June 2013 - Ohio-USA

I am not clear if this is the correct area to post this, but I have a serious issue.

I just want to know why gaining weight is so easy but losing weight is so hard.
24 May 2013 - Spain

ut3feD TestGbjwori
14 May 2013 - keNmLPavZiuIFOJ

Wohh just what I was searching for, thanks for posting .
14 May 2013 - Spain

aurie portnoy
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19 April 2013 - United States

Irene Hilbert
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18 April 2013 - Canada

TJ Blue
So good that Charlie has his own web site. Hope you can get all of his articles from the Columbus Ledger-Dispatch posted (I know many are only on microfisch). I had the good fortune to meet Charlie along the central coast of Vietnam where I was an infantry platoon leader. In one of his articles, he refers to me as 'Little Steel', because of my 5'5" stature. He was truly able to capture just what we were experiencing. A great writer and a great patriot.
17 April 2013 - Lady's Island, SC, USA

Pinar Bilgin
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7 April 2013 - US

marylou emmons
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1 April 2013 - Canada

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8 March 2013 - New York

deolinda prata
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26 January 2013 - USA

AFAICT you've covered all the bases with this anwesr!
11 October 2012 - fKBMPSfnOkXDYULKqn

I would like to suggest that you prdivoe a Wandandian location map so tourists know exactly where you are (not just near Jervis Bay). Otherwise the website is fine. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
11 October 2012 - IjHOPJHJd

Thank you Krishna sir,We really aatpecirpe for your kind information regarding our beloved village. It has been always fantastic to hear news about our village in such a way,especially, in development sector. I am very much proud of you that you have been serving for our village for such a long prior of time.When I saw your face it remind me of my school age and all those stupid things that i used to do at that time. It just feels like yesterday, I feel young again like a boy. I do hope you also feel the same as me, don't you sir? I have no doubt you have a huge connection with the school and village both emotionally and physically. I know you love the place same as any other villagers. Only one thing is different with compare to other is that you have been contributing with your highly respected qualification, dedication and honestly almost whole of your life.My heartfelt thanks to you for your hard work and showing such an enthusiasm towards our village and as well as school.We are very lucky to have such a generous teacher and proud of you.Your sincerelyEx student Arjun badmas danda ghar.PS it would be better if you could publish your e mail add so we can contact you personally in future.
10 October 2012 - XmRKtcSBKzAIRMq

SPECTACULAR!!!!!! I am moving to Montana from Idaho, this makes me look fwraord to the move. I wonder if Fromberg has such scenes. Hi Poncho. Been a long long time. Hugs Rebecca.
9 October 2012 - vzorVHGFUiRPQTaxiRh

Hi CybeleThis photo and ones like it sat in my lounge room for monhts, I repeatedly picked up the Drum and stared at it's cover for I don't know how long. It seems that the more i look at bang bang dot and boudist; the more I realise that yourself and Dan are the axis of evil behind some of my favourite images in food, locations, fashion and importantly music. combind, your photos have a vast influence on my own photagraphy, working for a Wagga Wagga news paper. I take your images for inspiration in my most difficult shoots, where options are few and subjects are un cooperative.please keep feeding me your inspiring workregardsOscar
9 October 2012 - wMYdTlUx

Ur right lankan soul' they are the world 2nd besgigt population but stil they can't produce best cricketers, example of best cricketers from small sri lanka= murali(1st project mystery off spinner,highst wicket taker in da world,introduced the Doosra),mahela(best logical captain,and asia cup 2008 best captain award winner),TM dilshan(the world best batsman alive,t20 2009most runs nd best player award winner and introduced new batting style DILSCOOP'),finaly ajantha mendis(2nd project mystery off spinner,asia cup2008 man of da trnmt inroduced the carram ball). (0)
9 October 2012 - yRYsQMBmcveGub

Felt so hopeless looking for answers to my quesitnos.until now.
9 October 2012 - jRvNmPwXFKaOqP

BS low - rationality high! Really good aswner!
8 October 2012 - LTsHPCvTHkYVLNamAIj

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