Dedication to Tracy (Black) Enders

For the most part, we all love our dads. Even more so after they are gone. We cherish certain memories and struggle to hold onto those memories through the fog of time. Unfortunately, most of us have few mementos which serve to refresh those memories or to tell us things about our dads that we would otherwise not know. Tracy, you have the great fortune to have preserved thousands of your dad’s words and thoughts. These are available to you any time you want to think of him or learn new things about who he was. To a certain extent, I envy you.

In the work that you do with veterans, you bring great honor to Charlie’s memory. Your pride in expressing dedication to those who serve is one of his legacies. Even more important, in joining me in raising our kids to understand what patriotism, service and loyalty are about, we will do our part to show appreciation for the sacrifices made by others on behalf of us, our kids and subsequent generations.

This site is dedicated to you and your memories of Charlie. I hope that it provides a source of information and fatherly guidance to you. However, I hope that in sharing it with the world, others will gain the same knowledge and inspiration and, in so doing, honor him even further.

With Love;
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